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Single Player
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3DS eShop

  • 10th Jul 2014 (USA), $4.99
  • 7th Aug 2014 (UK/EU), £4.49
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222 blocks
Rabi Laby

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Rabi Laby 3 Screenshot
Rabi Laby 3 Screenshot
Rabi Laby 3 Screenshot
Rabi Laby 3 Screenshot
Rabi Laby 3 Screenshot


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    3DS eShop

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    Return of the Rabi

    We would like to formally thank Silver Star Japan for developing Rabi Laby 3 as a 3DS eShop title. Not because this is the most interesting, original, or even fun game that we've ever played, but because the developer decided to circumvent the DSiWare service and release its new game on the current generation of Nintendo's digital...

About The Game

Return to the Queen’s labyrinth…

Alice and Rabi are once again living together in peace. But the Queen had something else in mind; she could not forget what they had done. Consumed by resentment and the thirst for revenge, she devised an insidious plan and kidnapped Alice and Rabi to her labyrinth.

Rabi Laby 3 is the latest episode of this hybrid puzzle platform series. Alice and Rabi must work together and use their unique skills to escape. As one they must survive many dangers and overcome challenges beyond anything they have experienced before.

As Alice and Rabi struggle to escape the labyrinth, they will discover the Queen’s true intentions and a dark secret will be exposed.

Join Alice and Rabi as they explore the labyrinth, unlock bonus content and earn ranking medals for completed stages.