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1 (Single Player)
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3DS eShop

  • US 16th Oct 2014, $4.99
  • US 11th Dec 2014, $3.96
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  • Review Pyramids 2 (3DS eShop)

    Make your own pyramid scheme

    Almost three years ago to the day, Enjoy Gaming’s Pyramids had the honor of becoming the second independently-published eShop title to utilize the stereoscopic 3D feature of the Nintendo 3DS. While it didn't quite blow anyone away in that regard, with its simplistic graphics making negligible use of the effect, it...

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Pyramids 2 Screenshot
Pyramids 2 Screenshot

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About The Game

The Pyramid master is back!

After an unprecedented success of Pyramids with over 1 million downloads of the demo and game through Nintendo eShop Enjoy Gaming gives you PYRAMIDS 2 with 54 new levels and 3 new pyramid worlds. New improved and varied gameplay, new features and a built in Editor to create your own levels to play and share with other players. Masses of gameplay, masses of fun!

The creation of new styles of levels with more varied contents has made Pyramids 2 a far more testing game that has more variety than the original very successful Pyramids