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Pong Pong Candy (3DS eShop)


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User Ratings: 1

Our Review: 4/10


Number of Players
Single Player
Puzzle, Strategy
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3DS eShop

  • US 12th Feb 2015, $1.20

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  • Review Pong Pong Candy (3DS eShop)

    Hard candy

    The puzzle genre has been represented quite well on the eShop, with plenty of addictive and clever titles eating up hours and hours of playtime. The sheer volume, however, means that in order to stand out a new release has to have some kind of special hook to grab players, be it personality, gameplay mechanics, or some other defining...

About The Game

Easy to learn and engaging puzzle game. Every move you make, you will have a chance to level up your pieces.

You will have to choose carefully which ones to level up in order to reach the final transformation. The difficult comes in when the movement is restricted by the amount of pieces on the board. But not to worry, throughout the game there is plenty of help. The wheel of fortune will give you a chance to win powerups that they will empower you with special abilities. You can use these special abilities to help you reach higher transformations. The exciting music and always-fun visuals will keep you hooked for hours.