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User Ratings: 6

Our Review: 7/10


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Single Player
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3DS eShop

  • JP 27th Apr 2016
  • US 15th Dec 2016, $5.99
  • EU 22nd Dec 2016, £4.50
Picross e

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Picross e7 Screenshot
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  • Review Picross e7 (3DS eShop)

    The numbers are adding up

    We have once again been blessed by a new Picross e game, and you know what that means: new puzzles and, erm... some more new puzzles? By now you should honestly know what to expect with these titles, but here's a quick rundown again! Picross is a classic type of puzzle game that has featured on Nintendo systems since the...

About The Game

The 7th game in the Picross e series, with a Navigation Feature!

The first game with 20x15-size Mega Picross puzzles.

The new Mark function lets you leave indicators on squares you aren't sure about, without risking a penalty.

Also, new Switch stylus controls allow you to switch input modes just by pressing the Circle Pad or +Control Pad once!

Picross is a "Picture Crossword Puzzle Game" where numbers act as hints to complete images.

The rules are simple and easy to grasp. Anyone can do it!