My Baby Pet Hotel 3D

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TREVA Entertainment GmbH


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Single Player
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  • 7th Nov 2013, $29.99


  • 29th Nov 2013
Pets 3D

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My Baby Pet Hotel 3D Screenshot
My Baby Pet Hotel 3D Screenshot
My Baby Pet Hotel 3D Screenshot
My Baby Pet Hotel 3D Screenshot


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    A pile of shih tzu

    We'll say this at the outset: pet sims are not for everybody. We know that much, and while the popularity of certain genres might baffle us at times, we'd never dream of holding a game's genre against it. While we may or may not get swept up in any particular enthusiasm ourselves, we'd like to think that we can distance ourselves...

About The Game

Welcome to My Baby Pet Hotel 3D! A lot of exciting tasks and different baby pets are waiting for you!

You have to provide accommodation, feed and care for your various guests. Make each pet feel as though they are on vacation filled with friends and fun, and customize a program that meets the individual needs. Furthermore, you are responsible for providing an excellent balance of physical exercise, education and a healthy diet!

  • Explore a wonderful 3D world in a funny comic look.
  • Care for your favorite pets: birds, cats, dogs, bunnies and horses.
  • Enjoy numerous minigames like teaching tricks, retrieving or singing along with the budgies via the Nintendo 3DS microphone.
  • Nintendo 3DS Gyroscope controls: Mix your own food by moving your Nintendo 3DS from left to right, longe your foal on the meadow by following it round and round or move your character left and right when going for a walk.
  • Collect Nintendo Playcoins to raise your pets skills.
  • StreetPass: Raise your pets skills by meeting other players.