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1 (Single Player)
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3DS eShop

  • US 6th Nov 2014, $4.99


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    One of the quirkier titles to hit the 3DS eShop recently, Rocket Studios' Kemonomix+ is the sequel to a Japan-only DSiWare game from 2010: a streamlined simulation featuring a combination of exploration, time-management and monster rearing set on a faraway pastel planet. It borrows good ideas from excellent influences, but leaves...

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About The Game

KemonoMix+ is a game about training kemonos on a strange planet.

You play the game by training your kemono, using it to explore the planet, and transforming it with mixes.

Mixes in particular change the kemono's appearance and skills, and can be used to make kemonos stronger.

In the game, the player's goals are to explore the planet within 2000 days, and to collect spaceship parts and return home to Earth.