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  • US 25th Aug 2016, $19.99
  • US 22nd Dec 2016, $12.99
Japanese Rail Sim 3D


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About The Game

This game is set on the Yui Rail, a railway located at the southern most point of Japan amidst the tropical atmosphere of Okinawa prefecture. The monorail travels along a grand total of 12.9 kilometers of railway.

The Yui Rail runs entirely on an elevated railway! From a height of 20 metres from the ground, you can look out the window and feel like you are taking a walk above the city.

Night Mode is also included. Changing from Day Mode, enjoy the peaceful glittering lights of the city at night.

Simple to operate! With just one lever you can easily control power and breaking. Aim for a high rating by paying extra attention to the speed limit as you take on the steep slopes and sudden curves with the monorail!

Enjoy your time as a monorail conductor as you take in the refreshing view while speeding across the elevated railway.