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  • US 7th Mar 2013, $7.99
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  • Review ATV Wild Ride 3D (3DS eShop)

    A game of hills and valleys

    Bringing online racing to the 3DS eShop in any form is a pretty ambitious undertaking, but we'll say up front that ATV Wild Ride 3D gets that part exactly right. In our experience the online racing is fast, smooth, and reliable. As far as that goes, we genuinely couldn't ask for anything more, and the simple fact that it...

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ATV Wild Ride 3D Screenshot
ATV Wild Ride 3D Screenshot
ATV Wild Ride 3D Screenshot
ATV Wild Ride 3D Screenshot

ATV Wild Ride 3D News

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About The Game

ATV Wild Ride goes 3D!

What began life as a Nintendo DS racer gets a 3D makeover and all of the high-flying ATV racing and stunts spring to life in all new 3D depth and visual detail on Nintendo's 3DS eShop.

Game Features:

  • Plenty of stunts to execute that earn you speed boosts
  • Realistic ATV racing action
  • Tracks from a variety of countries
  • Online multiplayer
  • Hard-rocking soundtrack

Can you catch some big air and win the race?