Number of Players
1 (Single Player)
Release Date

3DS eShop

  • US 24th Jul 2014, $4.99
  • EU 20th Nov 2014, £3.59


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    Horse play

    Selectsoft apparently buys its quirky pets in bulk. From dinosaurs to penguins, it's got your number; as long as it’s 101. Now its attention has inevitably turned toward the ultimate care-for-me-and-squee animals: ponies. 101 Pony Pets 3D takes a cue from A Certain Friendshipically Magical Brand by offering three different breeds of...

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101 Pony Pets 3D Screenshot
101 Pony Pets 3D Screenshot
101 Pony Pets 3D Screenshot
101 Pony Pets 3D Screenshot

101 Pony Pets 3D News

About The Game

Over 101 ponies to adopt and love! Teach your pony, enjoy fun games, dress up your pony—all in amazing 3D!

"What's even more fun than a puppy for a pet? Your very own pony! With 101 Pony Pets 3D, you can have a pony friend to care for, teach, play with and love, all in amazing 3D. Choose from over 101 entertaining ponies—or simply adopt them all!

Play a game of fetch in the park or teach your pony to dance, jump and fly. Reward your pet with a treat after each trick! Enter your pony into pet shows to earn toys, food, clothing and furniture, then dress up your pet with hats, glasses, shirts and more. Watch your pony up close and personal, as you zoom in, zoom out, tilt and rotate in real 3D. Enjoy fun minigames as you take your pony to the vet for checkups, give it a bath, romp in the yard and more.

You'll never be bored with over 101 pony friends to groom, pamper, play with and love!

  • 101+ ponies to adopt
  • 101+ toys and items
  • Zoom, tilt and rotate in stunning 3D
  • Fun minigames and quests