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im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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I'm reviewing this at the moment. It's an old-school arcadey lawnmower game. Cut all patches of grass in 40 different garden / graveyard / forest / village stages. Avoid Zombies, bats, ghosts, etc. or attack them with items and special power. Three missions per stage: Win the stage, beat the time, find the secret. Collect coins and keys to upgrade your skills and stats. Unlock walking deads for the title screen. Made by Drakhar Studio in 2014. Published by EnjoyUp Games. 4,99€

I played until stage 15 - where it hang up for the second time.
How come so many indie games on Wii U freeze?
Shouldn't Nintendo's quality control stop frequently crashing games from release?

I mean, one freeze is ok, can happen to any game, don't care,
but when it starts to get frequent (like every hour or so) that's what falls under my definition of broken game.

Momongo Pinball Adventures is just another similar example. I know, small indie studios and stuff, but it's in the best interest of the developer to release a game with no major issues such as frequent crashing, or at least to fix it in an update.

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