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Circle just put all of their wiiu/3ds titles on sale for a buck. I recommend lone survivor and the swapper

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Oh! I found Titan Attacks! for a buck, can't pass on this!

And I will get those two games as swell as the look great!

Oh ya! you get gold coins on My Nintendo from these! with all three of these games for like 3 bucks I got 40 gold coins!

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It's Curve Digital, not Circle Entertainment.

I got 2 friends to buy Stealth Inc. 2, The Swapper, OlliOlli, Lone Survivor, Ultratron etc.
Too good to pass them up.

I wonder why The Swindle is not on sale. Maybe coz Curve releases quite polished games, but The Swindle unfortunately crashes regularly which is a shame. I hope they can fix the issue.

I'd also like to have Titan Attacks on Wii U.

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@SKTTR it was four in the morning, I was very very tired, and the sale is over with.

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I downloaded a few games in this sale.

So far I've had loads of fun with Ultratron and completely finished Thomas was Alone. My mileage with indies has varied a lot in the past - quite often I like the idea but I end up thinking that the execution is a bit too sloppy in practice - but I think these are both fantastic games that I'd recommend to anyone.


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