Topic: wii want banjo kazoii!! (form the nintendo 64/rare games)

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i love the game so much! its so funny hanging around that annoying bird. and dont the graphics of the N64 bring you back to the good old days! and i love the funny plot were you have to save your sister from the hag(witch) so the witch wont be able to use your sister to look beautiful again. pluse this was one of my first video games i beat it when i was 5

so lets try to get rare games to put this classic on (VC) !!!

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The Xbox Live Arcade version is sweet. I went through it again not long ago. But I'd still like to see it on the VC. But doubtful at best.

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I need to pick up Tooie as well. I haven't played through it in ages.

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I had nuts & bolts at Xmas and I hated it. I want a new (or remake or sequel) platformer. I love jak and ratchet on PS3 i love Mario I want another awesome platformer.

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Hate to burst your bubble but:

1. Rare is now owned by Microsoft, and as far as I know, though I could be wrong, you'll likely never be seeing their games on the virtual console, least of all this series, as it is continuing on the XBox 360

2. spelled Kazooie.

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I wasn't that impressed with Nuts & Bolts. Just didn't feel very "Banjo Kazooie" like.

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I still have Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie for the N64 and I still love it. Nuts and Bolts ruined everything that was great about the previous two, its still fun in its own way, but lost the charm of its processors. It seemed to be aimed towards the kids more than people who like platformers and unique gameplay. It reminded me of Little Big Planet way too much, but with only vehicles. The original two are great classics in all, but the Banjo series goes downhill with every game. The only bad thing about Banjo-Tooie that made it worse than the original is that it just seemed too long for Banjo gameplay, the orginal is almost perfect in my opinion. Exactly what a 3D platformer should be.



Banjo-Tooie for XBLA isn't as good a port as Banjo-Kazooie. There are numerous sound issues and players have to constantly change the control options depending on what they are doing.


Nuts & bolts pretty much ruined the series for me. I'd have to say my favorite thing about the first two was the ability to explore and to find out for yourself where jiggies were. I didn't really like how in Nuts & Bolts you have the location of each jiggy pointed out for you and you can cross the world in a few seconds because it's so straightforward.

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I have an XBox 360 but have yet to download either Banjo game. I did download, play and enjoy the demos though for both.

And I played the demo for Nuts & Bolts but quite disliked it. If this is what Rare are up to these days, we're better off without them. All the magic put into their SNES and N64 games has been completely lost from their new games.

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geek-master wrote:

i beat it when i was 5

God, when I was 5 my sister and I used to be scared of clanker so we could never get very far. To top it all off, we weren't allowed to play the nintendo for long periods so we couldn't really grind Treasure Trove Cove. Although 5 years later or something I got up to Rusty Bucket Bay. Anyway, my cousin who at one stage held the world record for Frappe Snowland on MK64 (6 seconds PAL) beat Banjo 100%. He was a freakshow.



I finally decided to download Banjo-Kazooie last week and I'm quite enjoying it.

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Say, does anybody have the GBA Banjo Kazooie game? Nowhere near as good as the N64 games, but it was still okay.

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I've never played it, but I'd like it to be on VC. I hate Microsoft for buying Rare. If Arcade gets it then VC deserves it.


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I actually like the B-K series being on XBLA. It has been upgraded to HD graphics with new features such as the originally abandoned "stop and swap". Microsoft also release good games on a regular basis on its download service unlike what Nintendo's been doing lately and announce release dates for them rather than keep us in the dark and disappoint many people many weeks. Also, Nintendo's the one that destroyed GoldenEye from coming to both XBLA and VC by refusing to let a game be released on a competitor's system as well. With TMNT Turtles in Time coming out tomorrow and Perfect Dark on its way later this year, the XBLA is kicking the VC's butt unless Nintendo steps up on its releases.



Xkhaoz wrote:

I've never played it, but I'd like it to be on VC. I hate Microsoft for buying Rare. If Arcade gets it then VC deserves it.

No, what you should be saying is "I hate Nintendo for selling Rare". And how does the VC deserve it?

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