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@Wargoose Yup, that's basically my own assessment of Opoona as well: once you really get into the story and the world, it's actually a pretty entertaining title, so I have no problems recommending to anyone to at the very least give it a try.

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I had forgotten I have two copies of Pandora's Tower, yet have yet to play that.
(was the one game that sounded interesting enough for me to buy a PAL copy after it was released, before the US version was eventually announced.
Was like "don't know how I'd play it, maybe emulate it someday". But I'm sure there's probably some homebrew region unlocking app if I for some reason really wanted to play that version.)

I had forgotten about Dragon Quest Swords. I recall it was a port/remake of a Japanese plug-n-play game that originally used a plastic infrared sword as the controller.
So it's basically a Dragon Quest light-gun game.



If your wii is softmodded, NSMB and Donkey Kong Country Returns can be played with a classic controller.


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