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I have been trying this game with the motion plus and I can't tell if it is working as it should be, It doesn't seem to matter which side i swing from and I can't get it to lob or slice or slam. Is there something I had to do to make sure it works, i didn't see anything in the manual and i did try recalibrating the motion plus. Also I can't seem to move up in rank, i keep beating the practice match decisively do i have to go to the tennis academy or beat the mini-games or something?

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i suggest trying to aim your shots as soon is your opponent hits the ball and try to using a 1:1 motion when you swing. That helps me out when I play, but I still have trouble hitting slice shots and aiming ever now and again.
As far as moving up in the in the rankings the only way to do that is to play in all tournaments that your player is able to based on their ranking. I've had the best results by only playing in the singles match tournaments instead of trying to play both doubles and single tournaments. Your partner makes it harder for you to have quick games, so I suggest holding off on the double matches until your player improves their skill well enough to take on two players by your self.

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I gave up on MotionPlus after about a week of fiddling with it. If I recall correctly it doesn't even aid you in aiming. I ended up just using the standard remote controls, which worked a bit better.



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