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I purchased a Wii2HDMI converter so I could connect the Wii to a projector. The Wii menu looks pretty good on it (I know the Wii isn't HD but neither is the projector so there are limits to it). The games on disc look pretty good as well. My question deals with the games we downloaded from the Virtual Console. We have Link to the Past, ZeldaII and Super Mario Bros 3. These games work when connected to a CRT TV or an HDTV the conventional way. But when I use the Wii2HDMI converter and an HDMI cable the VC games don't work. I just get a blank screen that says no signal.

I've read that these games may be 240p and that the HDMI won't work with that signal. I have the Wii set at 480p resolution, does that mean that the VC games would be upconverted from 240p to 480p or will it still be 240p?

Is there a way to get around all this and be able to use the projector?

Any help would be appreciated.



It also has VGA input.


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