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Now that I can get behind.

The shirt, that is, not the wearer.

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Chicken+Brutus wrote:


Tom Goes to the Mayor is such an under-rated show

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It really is.

And Rats Off to Ya is one of the best Christmas specials ever made.

No, I mean that.


I'm not being sarcastic.

Why is everybody looking at me that way?

I'm being genuine...





@Adam.... Im definately picking one up but will prob be middle/end of next year before I do. My list of PS3 games is so deep right now, I just dont have time. BUT I will be playin NSMB Wii very soon as I can borrow one easily and rent it.

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NSMB Wii is due out in the UK tomorrow, however I pre-ordered online and have received my copy today with the money tin. The only downside is that as I went to inspect a strange noise coming from my front door I found the postie trying to ram it through my letter box and now the tin has a small dent in it Untitled. Ah well I am off to fire it up now so that should ease my annoyance

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