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I'm buying this as soon as I have enough money!



pixelman wrote:

@Panda: I played it to death when I had my SNES hooked up - it's easily one of my favorite SNES games. It's really, really good. Playing as Han Solo is awesome, and Luke's lightsaber is badass.

The lightsaber was badass in the sequels, it's pretty worthless in this one. Just stick with Han's gun. It shoots first.

Panda: Here's what I worte over at the article:

Super Star Wars is overall a pretty good game, but it certainly has it's share of flaws. Some levels go on and on and far outlast their welcome, the controls are a bit ropey, there are a number of overly annoying jumps over large bottomless pits (and a lesson in bad level design at the bottom of level 4, where you WILL die the first time you get there), and the different characters aren't very well balanced. Still, probably worth the points. I predict an 8/10.

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Sounds like SNES platformer growing pains, Adamant. Thanks for your input, I think I'm going to hedge my bets until the other two are out. I like Empire as a movie better anyway.


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Good game, one of my first on the snes, but it's hard

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It's INCREDIBLY hard. I'm stuck on the Imperial Defense Droid.

Might have to use some of these codes...I want to finish the game, even if I have to get some help.


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Is it available in Europe yet? It looks really cool.

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No. As you should have gathered by now, everyone was totally surprised yesterday that Star Wars came to the VC at all.

Europe may get it this week, we may not. We just have to wait.

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MetalMario wrote:

It's INCREDIBLY hard. I'm stuck on the Imperial Defense Droid.

That's the boss in the hangar, right? He's easy enough, just get behind him and shoot at an angle into his weak point, following him when he jumps to the left.
Or, if you're using Luke, just spin jump with the lightsaber and he'll fall in no time.



Well I bought the SNES cartridge from amazon for the SNES I borrowed off my friend days before this was anounced, Im still tring to get my own snes but there have been complications - Still in the meantime my brother has given me his N64! (with golden eye among others) - still not to go off topic too long - yeah Super Star Wars is a great game full of win.

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Adamant wrote:

Just stick with Han's gun. It shoots first.


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I had this game and played it to death as a kid.



i will use the debug code

i think later unload the other two. I have them in cartridge but doesn´t matter, my older consoles looks bad in a flat screen (weird lines in screen), i prefer buy them again in VC

my favorite is Return of Jedi, it´s awesome.

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I beat if without cheats and I never played it originally and it isn't nearly as hard as it's made out to be my biggest gripes are lightsaber<blaster and you can't run and shoot at the same time but luckily the sequels fixed that

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Just got Super Return of the Jedi. Even though i haven't got past the 2nd level, i loved every bit of it


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I have finished Super Star Wars and i can't recommended enough expect for those sandcrawler levels :/



I finally got around to trying the first game. The first level was easy, as long as you kill the required number of scorpions and womprats in those two areas to get those two hidden blaster powerups. The second level took me numerous tries (I think I had to use 3 continues), but I finally managed to beat it. The third level (Outside the Sandcrawler) was frustration personified with all those platforms, the respawning Jawas, and the imprecise jumping controls ("Aaarrggghhh!!! Stop making me fall of the end of the platform when I try to jump from it!"). I wasted a couple of lives on it and then gave up. I'll try it again sometime with the invincibility code. If I still can't get past that level, I'll use Debug Mode and skip it.

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