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Super Mario Galaxy is the best game I've ever played. I thoroughly enjoyed playing Super Mario Galaxy 2 as well. However, while I was playing Mario Galaxy 2 I encountered something very odd. I don't know what to call it, but I had finished collecting all of the green stars yesterday, and I was ready to complete Grandmaster galaxy's two stars (the ultimate test and the perfect run) too. I managed to get the first star and I collected the comet medal before doing so. But when I got back to Starship Mario, I expected to be shown the prankster comet fall over the galaxy; but it didn't. I was a little confused but I thought if I just played a random level again, then it would happen, but no. At this point I was very puzzled. I then tried saving and quitting, then coming back and completing the ultimate test again. Then I tried switching my Wii U console off and then switching it back on again and then go back to starship Mario, but still, no. I have no idea what this is or what to do about it. If you could answer my questions and provide me with a solution to the problem so I could complete the perfect run I would be extremely grateful.



I was also confused the first time I encountered this. But answer is simple you must give the Bank Toad 9999 star bits and then the Prankster Comet should appear. I hope this answered your question and good luck with the Perfect Run.

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I quit playing this game when I was in world 2 and the path split into 2 different levels. They were rock mario and dash yoshi.

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