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@ Captain

You may have made it clear, but that original post is much too long on a self-indulgent topic for me to care to read.

Plus, everyone likes Cave Story. Anyone who says otherwise is trying to trick me, but I am not going to fall for it. It is a beautiful and perfect game.

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Note. LIT is getting fixed and tweaked for Europe, i don't know the changes, but they did something.



Cave story looks nice: action platformer where you shoot and jump -- has to be better than the usual mario or sonic rubbish, shirley?

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i say mario golf i had a fun time with but it was hard at first also about lit the one man in the world i trust the wiiviewer reviewed lit you should check him out



Lit is a good game. I'm not much into puzzle games but the horror setting and designs by FSC pulled me in. Its a logic situation based puzzler though which makes it different than anything else on wiiware. Its all about getting from the beginning to the exit without stepping into the darkness or overloading the electrical power. Can get very tense and challenging but doesn't seem unfair. I also like that after 5 rooms there are boss fights to break things up a bit. The boss fights are similar to what you do in other levels but bosses will do things like turning off lights or attacking you which has you changing your strategy a bit. Its a unique game.

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