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So my brother brought up the idea of a multiplayer zelda game. We think it should be called "Legends of Hyrule" or "Land of Hyrule." Here is what we thought of so far for it:
-Complete Sandbox
-More than broad sword:
Short Sword
Katana duel wield
Sling shot

-Custom Outfits
-Massive maps based on the different games that came out since the first game ("A link to the past" i think).
-A system for quality and performance management
Meaning that the game will find the best working server or will put you in a newly set up server to keep the game running smoothly. —
-Better graphics (yeah, "Twilight Princess" had better graphics than "Skyward Sword").
-Many enemies (enemies according to map you are on).
-Story modes redone with your character (only customize your warrior outfit), or with Link.
-Kinetic animations (Project Spark is a game engine by Microsoft that uses kinetics for animation)
-New Story Modes
-Mini-games (including tower defense games, or market management)
-Quests in Multiplayer Mode

Doesn't have to be compatible with just the Wii.

Oh, 2 more things.
1) What does nintendo have to do with Assassins Creed?
2) Nintendo makes RPG Maker?

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I'd rather not turn Zelda into the next generic online RPG. I'll pass

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I'm with the quack.

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CNCharger wrote:

-Better graphics (yeah, "Twilight Princess" had better graphics than "Skyward Sword").

Graphics =/= Realism. Skyward Sword was graphically better than Twilight Princess. I'd even argue that Wind Waker looks way better. TP is graphically one of the worst Zelda games.



No offence but this isn't really an idea. You've just listed some common attributes of games/online games and added the word "Zelda" in it.
Nintendo could obviously have managed that themselves!
This is just like saying I have a great idea for a sport. It's 2 teams on a pitch or court of some kind. There'll probably be a net or goal at each end. And they'll have some kind of object they move between them.
Lol, that's not an idea!
As for whether Nintendo should just do an online Zelda game, I think most people here seem to be against Nintendo doing MMO type stuff. Although this forum might not represent the whole audience.
Problem is, it's very hard to maintain the Nintendo mood AND have open online communication (which is obviously the problem they ran into with Splatoon). You can't really go and start a quest to find the Triforce and then have some random character shouting "Oi, your gay!" (my example of the typical teenager playing online games. Bad grammar intended.) without it ruining the mood.

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Octane wrote:

Graphics =/= Realism. Skyward Sword was graphically better than Twilight Princess. I'd even argue that Wind Waker looks way better. TP is graphically one of the worst Zelda games.

Otherwise I second @TingLz @Dezzy.
I wouldn't be against an online feature per se and we still don't know whether Legend of Zelda U will have an online-mode or not. But what you're describing @CNCharger is already existing, only without the Zelda brand. So I don't see the point of all this.

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....This thread is from last October...

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