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as long as i can load all my current vc games onto the wii HD(and wii ware) illl be fine! and yes the wii hd is suposed to be the next gen console!

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Personally, I don't really care if I lose all of my games in the next console. Just give us more then what were getting this generation and I won't complain.


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I'll be sure that the current VC library & every other game that'll come to the Wii VC will be carried on to the next nintendo system's VC. The VC on the next Nintendo system will be much better than the Wii's VC.


Bass+X0 wrote:

If the next console is backwards compatible with the Wii then certainly it should keep Gamecube controllers for those Wii games that use them. Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii play best when you use a Gamecube controller.

Don't those games also support the CC? I seriously doubt GC controller ports will be on any future console from Nintendo; especially if only a few Wii games use them. I'd sooner expect to see adapters for connecting the GC controller to the Wii remote in place of a CC -- though I wouldn't expect much demand for that!

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Or just come out with more than one kind of controller that are cheap and easy to use

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