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How is Mario Power Tennis NPC compared to Sega Superstars Tennis? I got SST because it was the only full tennis game on the Wii at the time, and don't want to get MPT because I already have a tennis game.

Should I trade SST in?

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I have never played SST. Recently my sister got the Mario Power Tennis NPC. Her and my bro have been playing it. It does look like a good game. I have played it, but not enough to say how good it is or isnt. Sorry. I wish I could be more help. I know that there are 4 difficulty levels for your opponents.
My sis says its fun and easy.

I would trade, but its your choice. Remember, I havent played it. Why not go rent it?

Oh I forgot to mention that you can play with our without the nunchuck.

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I don't have SST, but here are some small things I don't like about NPC MPT:
1. Movement is kind of a mess either with or without the nunchuk. It's not game-breaking, just annoying.
2. You don't always get the spin you want when swinging. This, while it can feel bed, I find it makes the game feel more realistic.
3. I'm pretty sure there's no way to import your data form GCN MPT to NPC MPT. This may not be much of a problem if you never played the original, but if you had the original and relied heavily on an unlocked character (Paratroopa FTW!!), it's just annoying to replay the game to unlock a character again.

Other than those things, it's all-around a solid experience that feels like a different experience than it's original Gamecube game that I find worth the money.

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In Sega Superstars Tennis, you play every possible tennis match using many Sega characters. The courts are themed and you get superpowers you can summon once in a while. The gameplay is decent. With the nunchuck, you control the player. Without the nunchuck, the player moves automatically. You can also play NES style. You unlock tracks, courts, and characters through the Planet Superstars series of minigames. These start out ok, but get harder very quickly. I don't know whether I'll even unlock Shadow (not that it matters).

The voices can get annoying after awhile (Sonic saying "What?" after every miss and Tails saying "Score!" after every point, e.g.). Regardless, it's a good game (that's also availble on the 360 and I think PS3). It's definitely a great alternative to Wii Sports Tennis. It also came out before Mario Power Tennis NPC, which is why I have it instead.

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They are basically both the same game, but different characters. I prefer MPT over SST, but I like SST cause I can play it with a CC.


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