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Hey peeps.

Does anyone know any particularly good strategies for Mario Tennis on the N64. My friend and I have been playing a fair bit on the 64 recently, and I am yet to beat him (extremely embarrassing). He is generally Yoshi and he has an absolute killer of a serve (no idea what he does).

At the moment the character that I am having most luck with is Waluigi and playing the net, or Baby Mario and using my speed to play the backline. Neither seems to be working to well.

I have developed a killer service game but I just cant even compete when he is serving.

Anyone have any suggestions on what I could possibly do? - Find us on facebook too!


Waluigi, DK, DK Jr. and the speed players are strong at the net. Just watch out for the lobs. After the serve what does your friend do?

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Ask your friend.


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