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Anyone else having an issue playing Mario kart on their wii? We have tried two wiis and three Mario karts. Keeps coming up with an error



@Semperfiohana Is your issue in regular offline play or online races? Nintendo Wi-fi Connection was taken down in 2014, so it is impossible to play any Wii game online.

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You can download ctgp revolution or ctgp-r onto the wii and other consoles to get custom tracks and other things, but also online play. You can get it for other games, too, I believe. You can look for a tutorial on youtube. I definitely recommend it as it adds about 50 more cups, online play, and other custom things

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I wish it would come to Wii U eshop. I'd download it.

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I had a lot of fun with this mario kart game. I wish they would still let me play online like they still do in mario kart 8.

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