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So me and my daughter have played Epic Mickey for a good 40h over some weeks and now, jumping through a screen from a ”old movie gameplay” to Mean street the game crashes big time! The game goes totally black with no picture showing what so ever but the sound goes on. The game doesn't answer at any pressing on the remote. The game video output seems to die with no signal to the TV.

Have anyone had this and is there anything to do to save it so we don't need to start over?



@Stolleman How old is the disk your using?

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@Stolleman It's likely that you'll have to reboot the game or console. Across consoles, when a game crashes like that, it's already out of your control. And, I sympathize, because it stinks when it happens. If you contact support at a console or game company, they'll say there's nothing they can do. Crashes shouldn't happen, but they still can. As far as I know, nothing you can to to undo a crash, and keep your game progress. Your last save point is all you'll have.

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