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Will Any of you buy it i never owned a Gamecube so i think i'll buy it will any of you?

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Yeah, I'm definitely picking the game up next week. I never had the opportunity to play it on Gamecube so I'm glad that Nintendo is giving me a second chance.



I'm getting it. I had a gamecube, but this came out toward the end of its life and I was on a bit of a videogame hiatus at the time (involved in either chess or poker instead.)

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Im Glad i preordered it today at Gamestop ^^

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I owned the original GCN version for a time... And the bongos were just too much a part of the charm of the game to me to go buy it again without them. I can definitely see someone wanting this game now though, not alot of people wanted to buy extra hardware just to play the game... And it got lost among the 2 Donkey Konga games that came out around the same time when it was first release.

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I had been meaning to pick up the GC game for ages, then of course I heard about this a few months ago and decided to hold off; I'm still wondering, however, if the controls will be a let down compared to the fun of the bongos (which I only tried for a few minutes in the store years ago, but that's what sold me on the game to begin with).

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The GC game is really, really good - and I never bought the bongos, I used the GC controller. I am most interested in this wiimake, just because it is getting the biggest overhaul. Ironically we have a wii game being made with more traditional controls in mind. Anyhow, the same team that later worked on Galaxy worked on this game and it shows, it was the best 2-d platformer I has played in years....very beautiful as well.

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