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What are some games you never expected that you really liked?
For me it would be Ys book 1 & 2. I love a good RPG and the music and voice acting was pretty neat. I've played through it twice so far and I love it. Also Gate of thunder and Lords of thunder were extremely cool. I think the turbo grafx might be my favorite system on VC besides snes.

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My biggest surprise has to be Super Mario RPG finally being released in Europe. I was not one of the gamers that had to suffer the 17 year wait but after reading about it I want it. Amazing game that should be re-made.



Sin and Punishment for me. I knew it'd be good, but it just blew me out of the water (from a floating concrete block, no less). I replay it every few days, it seems. I love it to death and can't wait for the sequel.

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The Biggest surprises for me were Pokemon Puzzle League and Zelda: MM.



Ys 1 and 2 really surprised me also. Mario RPG I was a little unsure about because I kept hearing it was overrated but took the plunge and definitely don't regret it.

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Cho Aniki (lol), Bukutte Upa, and Sin and Punishment for me. All weird import titles

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Military Madness. I never even heard of it before it was on VC and I really love it now.



As a Treasure fan since Mischief Makers I downloaded every VC game made by Treasure.

And I was blown away by Alien Soldier. A non-stop hardcore-action bossfest and the best graphics I've ever seen on the Mega Drive. Great controls and a bizarre soundtrack kept me pushing through the extremely short stages to the extremely huge bosses. The password save helped a lot to make this game beatable. This is not a sidescrolling-shmup. This is a new genre I like to call "Strategic boss-beat'em up".

I was also pleasantly surprised by Treasure's Light Crusader. A neat lil action-adventure with great puzzles.

Uh yeah, by the way - Sega's Gain Ground is a fantastic co-op action/strategy title, that is truly great if you have a friend over who likes it just as much as you do.

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Probably Mario RPG.



Majora's Mask for me. I always thought that this game would be like The Adventure of Link to the first Zelda, you know, Zelda in name but the game just doesn't hold up. I even had the Gamecube set for a while and never played it. Boy oh boy was I missing out.

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Sin & Punishment: a port of an N64, Japan-only classic.
Also like to mention Kirby's Dream Land 3 and how I'd like to see Kirby Super Star instead.

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DoReMi Fantasy and The Last Ninja.

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Majora's Mask. Still want to see some Smash Bros., Rocket Knight Adventure along with the Snes Version of Sparkster. Not the Genesis Version because that one sucks.



Sin & Punishment- I was real hesitant to download this one, since it was gonna set me back 1200 points, but I'm glad I did it. It turned out to be one of my favorite VC games ever! I even liked it better than Star Fox 64, despite the insane difficulty. It and Gunstar Heroes helped cement me as a Treasure nut 4 life.

Bonk series- I never heard of this series, nor the system it came on, but I decided to get it since it got a lot of praise in magazines. The first game was good, but too short. But it was the second game that really blew me away.

Harvest Moon- I didn't even want this game at first. My sister suckered me into getting it. It also took me awhile to figure out what the hell I was supposed to be doing. But once everything came into place, the game proved to be very deep and addicting. Now I'm interested in trying the rest of the series.


I was surprised by Pulseman, after i heard about the VC release i was surprised it came to America so soon

and i'm glad it did


Me too. Just got it today.



The biggest surprise to me would be EarthBound due to all the issues.


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Umm...not really much of anything. I'm pretty well-versed (though I'd never claim to know EVERYTHING) in old-school gaming, so not much that sounded worth a crap has surprised me. Closest thing would be Neutopia. Both good games, and I want them to finally make that promised Neutopia 3 for WiiWare!

I will admit that I've been refraining from trying a lot of stuff I'm less familiar with, simple because that's a good way to waste money (and I waste too much on games I KNOW I want already ). Once I'm really 100% done with good VC games I know I like, I may eventually start doing deeper research on other titles.

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