Topic: Any possibility of Star Trek NES, SNES, and Genesis games coming to VC?

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With the Star Wars games coming to VC, is there a good chance of 8 and 16 bit Star Trek games getting VC treatment in the future as well?


jpfan1989 such games exist?

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jpfan1989 wrote: such games exist?

Yes they do Go look at AVGN's star trek video

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I doubt it. The good games were few and far between (no Super Star Trek games) and the liscensing is going to be a HUGE mess at this point. it's not like the Star Trek games were created in house like the Star Wars games were under LucasArts.



I'd say it's highly unlikely. Besides, i can't really think of any Trek console titles that are all that great -- PC was always the place to go for Trek-gaming (love the 25th Anniversary game (gameplay kinda original King's Quest-style)). I do have a soft spot for the SNES Deep Space 9 game, regardless of its debatable quality.

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While I actually consider Star Trek (at its high points) much more interesting than Star Wars (at its high points), it's true that the latter franchise is much more compatible with console gaming. Star Trek is much better suited to other puzzle or story-based genres, but, unfortunately, they've rarely realized that, instead making second-rate arcade-ish games far too often.

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I would very much like to see the Sega Star Trek Tactical Simulator on VCA, but otherwise I have no experience of Star Trek console titles outside of Conquest. I'm a trek fan so I'd certainly try them. The Trek episode of AVGN was my introduction to the series and an excellent episode!

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I am actually hoping to see some of the older Star Trek games, like the NES and SNES ones make it to the Virtual Console, at least for 3DS. I actually enjoyed them.



@crioijoula @subpopz This thread is from 2009! We were still rockin' our Wiis when this thread was made. I know it's Halloween and all, but not everything has to come back from the dead.


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