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Oh this is a most intriguing idea..... When is the next Zelda anniversary?

Every year.

oh haha, good answer. I meant, is the next BIG anniversary for Zelda the 30th??? Because .....oh i'm going to switchoff now for a bit

2016 will be Zelda's 30th Anniversary.



I assume you people have read Hyrule Historia and therefore know that Nintendo discarded the project 30 years ago.
The only way this would work is with a Zelda 1 maker. All the following stuff is way to complex and would require an insane amount of planning on the player's part. The reason you don't see many post-LTTP clones around is because not many professional designers know how to make a good one, not to mention amateurs.
I would kill babies to have a Zelda1 maker though.

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