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CoffeeWithGames wrote:

SCAR392 wrote:

Ya, you die from one zombie tackle with no hope after, and you can't even pause and quit real quick. It still counts. The characters are slow, weak, and helpless.

Just keep playing the game, you don't start with everything at your disposal.

I've gotten further since that comment, and it's getting better. Definately a good game, I just hate barriers and seeing stuff I could do in real life not in the game...


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First downloads:

#1 Little Inferno
#2 Trine 2 - Director's Cut
#3 Puddle

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Just bought tekken & blackops2 ... god knows when I'll get around 2 playing em tho cause I'm struggling 2 beat mario & haven't even started zombiu yet. /facepalm


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Deluxe with BLOPS 2, Scribblenauts, ZombiU.

Here is a new petition to get Metal Gear Solid Rising: Revengence on the Wii U!!!


Just got it the other day so all I have is NL and NSMBU.

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Just want to ask, but with your purchases how many club nintendo star points do you get with the system and games?
How many points for?
-WiiU Premium Bundle
-Nintendo Land
-New Super Mario Bros.U

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I Downloaded Sega Racing Transformed, It's quite alot of fun.

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Software is the standard 250 stars, the system was 1000, which I think is also standard. Unlike the Wii you get nothing for non-retail downloads, however they are registered. I'm hopeful that like WiiWare and VC on Wii we'll get stars for download-only titles as well.

My latest purchase was Trine 2 today. Fun to play with my daughter, though she's still getting to grips with platformer controls.

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Deluxe Edition w/ ZombiU

Still waiting on New Super Mario Bros U to arrive.



so far i got only mass effect 3, my next buy is assassins creed 3.

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Wii U:
#001 Nintendo Land

Wii U eShop:
#001 Little Inferno
#002 Trine 2 - Director's Cut
#003 Puddle
#004 Chasing Aurora
#005 Nano Assault Neo

Next game:
New Super Mario Bros. U

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Wii U Premium Pack w/ Nintendo Land
eShop downloads:
Little Inferno
and most recently I got Chasing Aurora on sale.

Next up (hopefully) will be Trine 2 when they release it in Australia and hopefully at a reduced price. Also considering Nano Assault if it is cheap enough.


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My system just arrived at Nintendo for repairs, but today I bought Jeopardy on Wii U (for an X-mas gift) and a plastic shell to protect my gamepad with.

My next purchase will likely be Rayman Legends.



Started with:
Deluxe with Nintendo Land
BlOps 2
Sonic Racing
Then, thanks to release-day price matching, I bought ZombiU with little extra cash needing to be handed over.
Traded Skylanders Giants Wii to Wii U version to play when my young nephew visits.
Downloaded Nano Assault.
Bought Scribblenauts Unlimited for the missus - yet to be pulled from the shrink-wrap.
Then I got some money from a PC fix and that I gave me enough to put towards NSMBU without too much extra outlay.

Currently playing - in order of playing time
Nintendo Land (Metroid Blast mostly)
NSMBU - Sonic Racing
Nano Assault

I used to always play FPSs as first preference but poor old CoD has not see much love because of the other titles.

I think I have enough.... for now....


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Just got little inferno on sale.

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Started off with Nano Assault Neo only (along with NintendoLand), eventually got New Super Mario Bros. U (25% used price! Woot!)

Finally my dad and brother both offered to each buy me a game for my gifts so I got Assassin's Creed 3 and Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing: Transformed (been playing the hell out of this one).

I intend on getting Trine 2: Director's Cut and Little Inferno before the sale ends.



Pogocoop wrote:

I Downloaded Sega Racing Transformed, It's quite alot of fun.

Same here ... Fantastic game!!!


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Just got mine, and am currently setting it up.
Nintendo Land
Batman: Arkham City
New Super Mario Bros. U
Planning on buying today:
Trine 2
Little Inferno

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Just got:

ZombiU (came with console)
Sonic All Star Racing Transformed
Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 (done a straight swap for my PS3 copy a few days ago)
Pro Controller (came with console)
Wii U game console.



black ops II at bestbuy for 39,99...

never thought I'd buy this game and after playing it I can see why

oh well, I suppose mindless fun is great on rare occasions (seriously, why does almost everyone love these games???)

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