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And once again, GameLord knows all. [Bows before his knowledge]

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It is very bad when the troller gets trolled

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And once again, GameLord knows all. [Bows before his knowledge]


But I do appreciate the flattery.

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Discostew wrote:

The Wii U will be in competition with the 360 because the two will be available at the same time. Once the 360 is phased out, then it won't be in competition with it anymore. In that same light ,even the Wii will be in competition with the Wii U until it gets completely phased out.


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Lmao Xbox. The freaking Vita has more games than that thing.

So you finally admit to your fanboyism then!

Define fanboyism.

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Yes and no. They may be competing against each other, and they may have similar games, but this is apples and oranges my friend. Apples and oranges.

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Well this thread is doing pretty well, with 88 posts. Nice job.
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