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I think this news should have a place on the forums to discuss as well:

Finding Teddy II - Definitive Edition (arriving 17th April 2020)
SHMUP Collection (containing Satazius Next and Armed 7 DX, and due out on 15th May 2020)


I never heard about any of these games though, but upon research I found that Finding Teddy II is a renamed remake of the Wii U download-only sidescrolling adventure Chronicles of Teddy: Harmony of Exidus.

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I don't know why Nintendo still keeps the servers active for the 3ds and wii u. Can't they focus on the Switch? And bring games from those consoles over to the Switc. I didn't know it was still getting pyshical releases. What are those games like?

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And what's wrong by wishing Wii U and 3DS discontinued forever ? ūü§®
Be granted if Wii U still got support even 1 or 2 games in physical.

How about yourself ?
Still keep complaining for no new Switch games on almost every articles.
Chills, dude.
To finish the backlog takes a lot of time.
Why don't you play your backlogs while waiting the upcoming games released ?

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