Even though first-party support for the Wii U came to a halt a number of years ago, that hasn't stopped third-party developers and publishers from pumping out new releases for Nintendo's previous generation of console hardware. PixelHeart – a publisher and distributor of retro and next-generation games – has just put up pre-orders for two new Wii U physical releases.

The first is a hard-copy of the SHMUP Collection (containing Satazius Next and Armed 7 DX, and due out on 15th May 2020) and the other one is Finding Teddy II: Definitive Edition (arriving 17th April 2020). As noted by DualShocker, both of these releases are the European versions, so you'll need to have access to a system from this region in order to play them.

Wii U Box Arts
Image: PixelHeart

Both games cost €29,90 and are limited to 3,000 units each. If you're not interested in owning these titles on Wii U, there's always the option to purchase them on the Switch as well for the same price. Could these be the very last physical Wii U games ever released? Tell us what you think below and if you would be interested in adding either or both of these titles to your physical collection.

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