Topic: I'm in need of a replacement Wii U gamepad.

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Yes i still have my Wii U. Go ahead laugh it up haters. Anyway my original gamepad is in need of a replacement but i know these things are insanely priced. It might be cheaper to just buy a whole new system. I don't want to get some used one that has the living snot scratched out of it but I'd like to avoid selling a kidney to get one.

Any suggestions where i could maybe get a restored gamepad for a decent price?



It might be worth contacting Nintendo support directly via phone as they may have some spares.

Otherwise, your best bet is probably a pawn shop.

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I have the same issue

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@Truegamer79 Pawn shop, maybe a used game shop or even a thrift store. Contacting Nintendo isn't a bad idea either and maybe seeing if they can repair or replace yours.

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Well i called Nintendo and they don't sell replacements sadly. I did some checking online and there are refurbished ones on Amazon and there's a store called DK oldies that has them. The prices are still around 150 to 200 dollars though. Yikes! I could check Ebay but yeah you can imagine the horrible condition those are likely in.



Be warned that only replacement gamepads from the same region will work.

That's yet another argument for hacking your console to make it region free, I suppose. It's not like the Wii U eShop is going to be around much longer in any case.


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