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Hi everyone,

since the Wii shop channel is closing down this month, I've decided to purchase some last games and download as many demos as possible. After downloading a few titles I got a notification that I don't have enough available space to download other games. However, I still have plenty of room on both the Wii U system memory and a USB-stick. Is there any way to make room for more Wii download games on my Wii U?



@Pluto14 Wii data management is separate from the Wii U data management. You have to go to the Wii channel (taking you to the Wii menu) and click the data management icon in the bottom left corner. You should be able to manage your Wii internal storage from there.

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@Buizel Thank you for responding! I indeed found out that the wii channel on the wii u acts as a separate console, with a certain amount of space dedicated to it. So it doesn't matter how much room you have on a Wii U, because the Wii channel only has 512mb to use.



On an actual Wii, you could store games to an SD card (though you would have to move games off the Wii's internal memory to copy them back, or leave enough free space for the Wii to temporarily store them).
But I'm not sure if an option is provided on Wii U.



The Wii U has a SD card slot. The main reason for the slot is for vWii on your Wii U. The max size of a card you can use is 32 GB.

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personally I use an SD card too, it works great.


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I wouldn't recommend anything over 2GB for Wii games (though they don't sell SD cards that small anymore).

You can store all of your Wii downloads on an SD card. You will only need to ensure that the Wii partition's internal memory is sufficient to temporarily copy the game over as the console cannot play the game directly from the SD card itself.

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Well, I put a 8 or 16 GB card in there and I knew I was never going to run out of space, even when the Wii Shop was years away from closing. (as the maximum size for an individual game was 40MB?)

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