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Yesterday night I 100d DKTF on the U. The extra levels in the final world were not as tough as some 4K levels, looking sternly at you 2K Bopopolis but they had their charm. I loved the Diddy Kong remix music.

In general, DKTF is an amazing platformer but difficult. It's not easy by any means neither unplayable. The final boss was also tough for me despite having memorized every pattern. Stunning visuals, lots of unlockables and a lot of rythmic platforming. I enjoyed it but I'm not coming back for the Hard Mode even though I'm a perfectionist. Lack of time and work plus family and other hobbies (studying Calculus and soon The Feynman Lectures on Physics) means that's enough DKTF for me for now. Perhaps next year I will buy the DKR for the Wii.

On a last note, I still don't understand why reviewers were so hard and mean about the game. DKTF is an instant ūüćĆ classic!

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DKCTF is a marvel, I was expecting it to be a good game, but not at this point, I loved rayman legends, but Tropical Freeze is superior to it. The game is beautiful, fluid, the music is catchy, levels with the trolley are really well done. The overall level design of the game is exemplary.


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@noe22 I have always said that Tropical Freeze is better than Returns.


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