Topic: How to save in Ocarina Of Time???

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pata wrote:

I don't get the "Game saved" confirmation from the menu, but found out the saving works if I first let Link get killed and save it when it asks it...

Konata wrote:

You don't know? Wow.........sigh.

Awesome. Keep it up...

I will keep it up. You don't know? Wow......sigh.



Hey, I know this post is years old but Ocarina of Time is my first Legend of Zelda game, too. I have a similar problem, this time on the N64. I figured it would be saving like in any other game. I hit start, press the green button, confirm the save then the game says it saved. But once I turn off the N64 and turn it back on, my file has disappeared. I'm fricking serious, this is happening and I'm not sure I can finish the game unless I fix this issue.



Your cartridge is probably just old and senile.


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@TheKingofSorrianthum And if it really wont save, and it really is a glitch from how old it is, You could try to fine a 3ds and buy it on there.

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Yeah, I found that out from word of mouth shortly after asking on this thread. I guess I'll just have to bake the console if I want to finish the game. Oh well, thanks anyways.



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