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I’m-a Luigi!
I like Luigi, just not to the extent of some online. He’s worshipped on some forums haha! He does have more personality than Mario but IMO that’s actually a bad thing, as even though I’m a naturally anxious person myself I find Luigi’s startled personality kinda grating and that makes him annoying to me at times sadly. I think I slightly prefer Mario to him just cos of that, even though I like green more than red, both are really likeable though! He’s the underdog



I'm okay with Luigi but I still prefer Clank from Ratchet & Clank than Luigi for having very well mannered attitude robot.

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The guy with the best Mario spin-off series there is. Great personality, brilliant development over the years from literal palette swap to fully fleshed out character and an absolute beast in Smash. Luigi's a-ok in my book.

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