Topic: What video game had the greater impact on your childhood?

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GameStop bought out pretty much all game-specific retailers in the US by the end of the '90s.
(Babbage's, Software Etc. and maybe some other names I'm forgetting)
EB was the last one, caving in around 2004.

The remaining competition was stores like Game Crazy that were owned by video rental stores, so when their dedicated video rental store parent businesses collapsed, so did they.

Funny that until thae merger time, GameStop was the least-known brand.



Mario bros 3 and adventures of link.



Great reading everyone’s responses. Good to see a mix of generations too!

Biggest impact, for me, is probably The Bard’s Tale, on my dad’s Amstrad CPC 464. It got me into RPGs long before I knew that was a specific genre. Spent hours staring into an old CRT monitor, till a point when I would get migraines, grinding and grinding and grinding my party of six characters and trying to memorise seemingly endless grids of dungeons (I was not, am not, and will never be, a mapper). Eighties RPGs were HARD.

After that, just for sheer impact, it’ll be arcade games, as their presentation just blew everything else out the water at the time. First it was Double Dragon; later Street Fighter II.

If we’re just going by hours played, it would be something like Sensible Soccer, but that’s mostly thanks to playing with my mates.

As for Nintendo stuff, Duck Hunt was mind-boggling. I didn’t understand how it worked and I was absolutely fascinated by it.

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