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Hello. I'm really close to having a 3D virtual boy consolides using futrtek's tap and method.

I got two of them both VGA in the hopes that I can merge them into some sort of anaglyph 3D virtual boy.

I have made some progress but don't know where to continue so I'm just sharing this long text wall to show the data I've acquired. Maybe someone could use my data to help them get an anaglyph virtual tap working.

By the way Furrtek did get an anagliff version working as evidence by a YouTube video. The main problem is that it's very distant specific because you're so close to the screen. You know how in a large communal theater 3D pretty much works everywhere you sit because the screen is very large and your small compared to it. When you're large compared to the screen that's when you have to use the interocular adjuster on the Virtual Boy. Unfortunately that's physical/optical / mechanical and has nothing to do with the game code.

The right length with a cell phone it does appear to 3D. The net was the generic $0 solution was to adjust yourself relative to the TV or to make the TV bigger.

By the way I asked furrtek if he remembered how he did it and he said no and frankly he's too busy to go back to it. So that's why I'm sharing my data here so that others could build off me and I could build up others and hopefully everyone who wants to can play an anaglyph consolized Virtual Boy.

Currently if you buy 2 virtual Taps and have them correctly installed you'll get two separate pictures, each of them adjustable to Black and any other extreme color on the RGB color cube. Both signals are self-contained and independent. Meaning single eye viewing does work.

Originally when I tried to use a passive VGA y cable the CRT VGA monitor said resolution out of range.

I was told it was having dual syncs on either the vertical or horizontal.

Since the default out is female VGA and my plug had female on the dual lens I bought some VGA male to VGA male adapters multiples and decided pulling out the pin for vertical sink horizontal sink or both can be locally doable on a VGA male and VGA male adapter and easily reversible in case it does something wrong.

I found out that the only way I could get something stable on the screen is if I have one vertical and one horizontal sink between the two of them.

Whichever I you plugged the cancel horizontal sink adapter in was the one that was scrolling. The other eye sits perfectly still where it's supposed to.

Originally I thought that using the red of the left and the green and blue are the right is accurately how you make a picture in RGB when merging pictures that are already black and the appropriate one other color.

Someone suggested a video editor and that analog video editing boxes are fairly cheap compared to digital ones today. At first the cheapest one was an EDID adapter with 1 vga in and one vga out. The EDID adapter was advertised as a resyncher. But it was only single source.

Next I will try pulling 1 of the 4 syncs, then 3 if the 4. Pulling all 4 sync or 2 of the same sync requires me to doctor other adapters. And that takes another 3 adapters in the mail.

I'm pretty convinced some combination will work between pulled syncs and either using or not using an EDID device.



An update I'm so close but so far away.

When I took out only one vertical sync and use an EDID device, once every few seconds it would flash on and then flash off with out of range resolution error.

When I just took out one horizontal sync thing seem to get much more interesting.

Currently it displays a 60 HZ picture on a 600x800 VGA monitor. Whichever one doesn't have the horizontal sink is slightly moving. Whichever one has both syncs is lined up perfectly

Anyone who owns the virtual tap I got a question? Why is my monitor reading 60 HZ when according to the internal documentation the virtual boy runs at 50 HZ? Does it have to do with my EDID device that it was set at 60? Is an easy ID device supposed to take a signal of one resolution and or framerate and convert it into another?

I've been using the 800x600 mode which is what it name normally does. Maybe if I convert that to a different pixel mode then maybe it'll properly translate it.

Another option is to buy a couple of more VGA male/male gender benders. Have one of them to NO V, one to NO V, snd one to NO HV.

Both the vertical and horizontal sync is staying still relative to the screen while the other one is scrolling horizontally overlaid over the other one playing where red and cyan combine pixels equals White.

Are there two different settings on the virtual tap? Does it have a 60 HZ setting and the store the image or something? Could it possibly be my two virtual tabs on two separate settings? I don't know. I didn't install it myself. I hired someone else to install it.

Does anyone know the device that can apply horizontal sink a into signal B when it comes out a common signal. Does the RGB video information get missed translated when the horizontal sync signal gets cut.

I don't know. I never owned a VGA monitor until regular CRTs became scarce and I heard high definition can work on VGA and still be CRT.



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