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I remember a time probably mid-2000s when NES/SNES/Genesis consoles and games could be picked up for cheap prices, as they just weren't widely popular anymore and a lot of people would trade them into stores.

Anyway, around that time I bought a NES console control deck set (front-loader, obviously used), but still with the original box, foam, instructions and all leaflets, plastic covering the instructions, and plastic which houses the console. I didn't pay all that much for it, and that was back in 2004.

Keen to know what an approximate value would be now, if anything significant? I get it's in no way a collectors item by any stretch, but a set with complete packaging has to yield some value at least?

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@Tendo64 I'd recommend a couple online stores for used NES console/games, but I'm in the US, and you likely don't have Gamestop, EStarland. Estarland has their selling price for complete, or no box, and also their trade-in values.

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@WoomyNNYes, judging by their use of English, I'm guessing Tendo is either in the UK or Down Under. GameStop has equivalents in both those places (GAME in the UK and EB Games in Aus, the latter of which is actually owned by GameStop). That said, unless something has changed in the last couple years, GameStop is no longer buying retro games. (And even if they were they would not offer the best prices.)

@Tendo64, since it's not a 'brand new' item (which would obviously be very rare and worth a lot of money), the price is liable to vary widely by the condition. I'm personally not qualified to appraise such things, but I have contacts who are and I know they'd never offer even a preliminary appraisal without being able to examine the item closely; there's just too wide a possible range to offer even a baseline estimate and have it be remotely reliable.

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Thanks everyone for your help.

Interesting to note after having a quick look on eBay as well, some of the mini NES consoles are selling for about AUD$350, while the original is selling for less. Surely just scalpers still trying to cash in on Nintendo's initial 'limited run', years after the fact.

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