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Been playing Shining Force on my switch and what a great game, it’s ages fantastic and the combat is engaging, the presentation has a whimsy to it that is great. I wish Camelot would do more games in this style(I do enjoy their Mario Sports games including the new Mario Golf). But I do think with Shining Force the combat is balanced and I am looking forward to playing Shining Force 2 soon on my Swich.



I liked to play this game on my Mega SG. It's engaging and the final boss is totally worthy of a final boss.
I began to play the sequel just after that, though a few hours in I felt exhausted by the concept, probably because I played Shining in the Darkness, SFI and SFII in a row.
I might restart the last outing on Mega Drive in the future, the story seems to be more involving in that one.

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Nice thanks! I have the megadrive collection so I'll give it a try!



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