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There is something special about moving through a succession of Nintendo handhelds and their associated pinball games. Since the most basic structure and goal of these games remains the same, it’s fun and enlightening to see how each generation explores and exploits the technological resources that are available. It’s also a revelation to experience the same level of involvement and excitement when you play “The Revenge of the ‘Gator” on an original Game Boy; follow it up by playing “Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire” on a Game Boy Advance SP; and cap it off by playing “Aliens” on a docked Switch that’s linked to a 55-inch television. All that really matters is that the game hooks you and won’t let go until that (oh-so-sad) moment when the last ball exits between the flippers and it’s “GAME OVER.”

If you’re feeling a bit bored with the games and/or devices you’ve been playing, then you might give a retro handheld and pinball game a try. You can find some very affordable options on eBay, which is where I’ve gotten all of my retro pinball games and Nintendo-on-the-go consoles over the years. Put together a combination of game-and-device that interests you - and then look for a pinball game to play and compare it with on whatever “modern” system you’re using.

Don’t like pinball games? Oh. Really? How terribly sad. ;>)

“Life” is like “Pinball”: If you don’t occasionally TILT the table and crash out of the game, then you’re not really having fun. GO FOR IT!


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