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I recently picked up an NES off of eBay. When I got it, it had the infamous blinking light problem. So, I cut the 4th pin on the Lockout chip like multiple sources said to do, which fixed the blinking light problem, but the screen still remained grey, not flashing, but solid grey. So, I bought a new 72 pin connector and installed it. I made sure it wasn't a reproduction, and now games kinda play. They only display the title screen, which even that glitches out pretty bad. Sometimes the only way a game will show the screen is when the game in't pushed down. There is also no audio whatsoever, and the controller doesn't do anything, except when being unplugged from the console. Then somehow it registers as me pushing "start"; but even that doesn't work most the time. What should I do to fix this?



Did you try blowing on the cartridge?ūüėú. But really, I think it might be a problem with your TV? I would try hooking it up to a different TV, just to make sure the problem is with the system.

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CAIG LABORATORIES D100L-25C Contact Cleaner

Try a bit of that stuff on the cartridge connector of whatever games you have. It got a GBA eReader I just bought that wouldn't boot working right away. Its a bit pricey but it only takes a bit and you could probably do hundreds of games with it and it doesn't even require taking apart the games to work its magic.

It also got rid of crackling on the headphone jack of my audio receiver as well no matter how much I spin the plug. That was just my first test to try something with a observable result but frankly it does seem to be a miracle product for those of us with a collection of cartridge games. Its literally a matter of apply and insert. It also has the benefit of cleaning and protecting whatever device the game is being inserted into which then will probably clean the next couple games inserted into said device.

Also I recommend you give your original 72 pin connector another try. I got a replacement myself and after about 5 years the of not much use it stopped working altogether and after inspecting it I found that the metal plating on the pins had actually worn off. Thankfully I found my original and after scrubbing it with vinegar and rinsing it with rubbing alcohol and drying it on high with a hair dryer it actually works great as long as the game itself is clean. This was before I discovered the DeoxIT and I haven't tried it with anything on my NES yet but I'd say with a good cleaning of the 72 Pin and a bit of this stuff on your games your NES should work great.

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