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Hey everyone, Jason from the digitalSoup podcast and I wanted to let everyone know about a sweepstakes we have going on that might be up your alley. We have partnered with 8BitDo and are giving away the 8BitDo N30 Wireless Controller for the NES Classic Console. This controller is not only wireless but has separate turbo buttons for "A" and "B" along with a HOME button so you don't have to get off the couch.

This is a free promotion, you just need to be a subscriber (FREE) and you could be the winner. Hope to see some of you classic gamers entering!


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I was lucky enough to receive a pre-ordered NES Classic Mini on release day but, embarrassingly, it's taken me until now to ask this question...

Is it normal for the Reset button to be a little... unreliable? Or perhaps unresponsive is a better word to describe it. I sometimes have to press the button in just the right way for it to register, which sometimes means pressing it a few times. I wondered if this is this a fault or a 'feature'?!



@Matthew46 If you haven’t considered soft modding your NES Mini, it might be worth doing for the benefit of a controller input shortcut. E.g. you could hold select and down for a second or two and it will bring up the ‘reset menu’. This way you won’t need to actually push the reset button on the unit itself.

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@Lroy Thanks for your advice – I didn't realise this was possible.

It definitely sounds like it's not normal, though. I might look into purchasing a replacement console while they're still available.



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