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Has anybody owned/played this? It came out in 2001, month or two after the N64 version. I had it for my 11th birthday, and it has been away in my attic for long periods, but I still play it today! (I'm now 20!)

The game is largely similar the the N64, many of the same options, and the music (perfectly recreated). However, from the start there is no sign of Mario! According to the intro, among other things, is the greatest tennis player of all time!

One major difference is the RPG mode- you pick a boy or a girl, and take them through a big tennis acadamy, one day to fly to the Mushroom Kingdom for a big contest.

Has anybody got the GBA version? Is it largly the same but with better graphics?

What do you mean our Princess is in another castle?


I have Mario Tennis for the game Boy Color. I thought it was good; haven't played it in awhile. I, however, have not played the Game Boy Advance version.

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