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Hey! I am planning to sell a bunch of Nintendo games that my kids kept. How do I test the games before sale? Will a GameCube run these cartridges? I know, dumb question.




Well 'Nintendo games' is a really vague way to describe a collection of Nintendo games, as they could be any Nintendo games released on any Nintendo system. Since you also said cartridges I assume they're either NES, SNES or N64 ones which in that case you'll need one of those respective systems. GameCube is no use I'm afraid. Great console though.



The GameCube will only read GameCube discs. (And with the right accessory, GBA cartridges).

To test SNES and N64 cartridges, you'll need to use a SNES and a N64, respectively.

If you sell them to some retro game store or the like, they might be able to test them for you.

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i love this first question.



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