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Super Mario Vs Ash - the struggle was real.

A small start-up vs a huge community. I'd love this to be the beginning of a nice conversation.
I am not here to "thow an advertsment at your face". Please, help me edit the forum post so that it fits this role, if need be. If this post offends you, I'd hate it. Also, I'd hate it if it got locked (again).

Let me take the elephant out of the Room. We (Turnand) have designed a Smart, Smartphone Case that can turn your Phone, into a Game Boy. With that outta the way:

Disclaimer 1:-- We are not developing an emulator, nor provide ROMs. We are creating a controller. Downloading ROMs and emulotors is up to the end user.

Disclaimer 2:-- We are not trying to sell products atm. (there are no products ready to be sold as well)

Disclaimer 3:-- We are developing a game that is going to fit this Case, and we might even export it as a SNES game. Also, I know that it doesn't really help, but I happen to own the cartridges of the pokemon and mario games that I mention on this post.

>We only want your #feedback on the concept, not sales. <

So, if you’re reading this post, you probably have used an emulator before. Amiright? Well, emulating any handheld console on a Computer, works like a charm; albeit with one exception. These systems are not that demanding-“advanced”, to begin with, but the feeling a large monitor speaks when we are talking 160x144 awesome pixelated Pokémon art, is just wrong. Your 20ish inch FHD monitor has no power here. Your phone on the other hand; well that’s a whole other story. A story, with much more ups and downs, and options to explore, dare I say. Let’s jump in:

As a child I’d swear by my Game Boy, but in my teens, it got lost. It got lost, by a kid 2 blocks away from my place. Luckily, at around that time I got my first smartphone. A Samsung Omnia!
An amazing phone at the time- it was 2008 or so. It could emulate Pokémon, Super Mario, and even Final Fantasy IX! Yep, a PS1 game! Ok, its specs would be laughable by today’s standards, but still. It was an amazing Pokémon-machine! But, anything out of the turn-based RPG genre and maybe puzzle games, was totally unplayable. Why? Well blame that resistive, smallish touchscreen.

Now fast-forward almost a decade. It’s 2016, and my daily driver is a LG G Flex 2. A 4G, octa-core, 5.5 inch, fHD monstrosity. So, why am I still complaining? Well, cause my original problem still persists! Smartphones and tablets were made with throwing birds to pigs in mind. None will ever consider them a real alternative to a console, until they get proper controls.

Ten-year-old me, beat Super Mario World Advance 2, on the GBA with no problems at all. To this day though, I’ve never even reached world 3 using an emulator, on any phone I’ve ever owned. A PC got’s proper controls, but simply doesn’t feel right to me. On the other hand, yeah, I have paired a Bluetooth controller to my Android phone before, but I love to see you balancing your 5inch phone, or even tablet, on your laps while holding a gamepad, on your daily commute. Everything game-boy-ish is called a hand-held, instead of a lap-top, for a reason!

That’s the need Turnand’s cases try to solve. That’s how the original idea spurred into our minds. This was a real life pain for us, and we believe that we are not alone in this. Gamers, and retro enthusiasts unite! Let’s take things in our hands for once. Literally grab yours now. We can’t change the past, but we can game comfier in the future – lol. We’ll be on Kickstarter on 29 June, 2016!
So this is Turnand’s take on the matter: The smartphone case we’ve created can transform your smartphone into a Game Boy; and trust us, oh it feels good. But no, we are not suggesting that you compromise your smartphone’s usability. In the end of the day, that social-media- feeder / cat-photos- viewer you call my phone, still has to and should always be ready to receive calls and texts.

Side Note:
We are a small Start-Up taking its first baby steps. So our website is still under development, but you can take a look, and we'd love to have you join us on Social Media! So our Facebook is awaitng , so does our Twitter, and some we also got some jazz going on Instagram !

With that out of the way, allow me to clarify that our case / controller thingy, won’t need no batteries, charging, not even Bluetooth, Wi-Fi; no nothing! It’s just works, take my word for it. Or don’t, you can ask for a Beta Prototype, at ( ) !

Anyone can help me delete the past (now locked) post ?-- title: "Now you're playing with real Pow... Buttons!" #Turnand

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OK, you liked it. Now send me a friend request,
or try the sweet controller we have designed!

Yep, it fits your phone!

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