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what is your best experience and what is your favorite video game mine is i have a after school program and one monday the had a video game truck come he had fortnite mario racing for the switch halo blackops but my favorite was minecraft it was my first time so i did not know how to play so i asked the guy if he could help he said sure i asked him if he could build me a house he did it was purple i also had a room mate that lived with me we shared a room she had a black bed i had a purple bed the house had a fire place 5 guest rooms and 2 bathrooms and 3 master bathrooms so what is your best experience with video games also what is your favorite video game guys also in your comments tell me did you like my story by the way i go to carter lake elementry im going in 5th grade

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i think the moment that stands out for me still is back in the noughties before i got into console gaming i was just taking early steps back onto the gaming road with steam on my pc id never played any online coop games before and so was a pretty rough noob trying to learn to play left4dead 2 not knowing my way around the levels or even really what we had to do and i was in this group and we were all micd up but i wasnt saying much cos the other players seemed to be conversing in an eastern european language so anyway wed been playing together a while and usually i was the first to die and constantly needing recovering by my euro pals but we hit this one point where all the other players died leaving just me alone i knew we were close to the safe room but I didnt know how to get there i desperately wanted to get there and for once be the hero of the group and my euro buddies were all willing me along but seemed to be unable to articulate clearly enough what i needed to do so i was running around like a headless chicken trying to evade zombies and trying to resuscitate my pals but not knowing which button to press and trying to find the safe room and it just became more and more hilarious to us all that i was getting so close but not realising where to go i ended up dying near the door and we were all in hysterics and i just found it so cool that a video game could bring a group of strangers together and even with language and geographical barriers between us could share such a funny moment but my favourite video game is actually mario kart 8 and deluxe so thats me okay thanks for reading whats yours

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Reading these was like having a stroke.

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My best experience with a game? Hm...

I have had a few good experiences. Playing Loner for the first time, getting addicted to Stellar Fox a couple years ago, playing Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue Rescue Team recently...

But if I had to choose, it might be playing Need for Speed: High Stakes. I've played the game for years, but one very specific week when I was 14 may very well be the best experience with the game I've had. Pair the game with dc Talk and Sixpence None the Richer CDs, rainy weather, mild depression, and some other things, and you have the best week of my life!


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This !

Playing DDR X2 Arcade with Blindfold.

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Although I wasn't there in person. EVO 2004, Daigo vs Justin Wong. Simply...legendary.

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Joycean stream of consciousness notwithstanding, this is a good topic for a post. My best video game experiences generally relate to mammoth sessions of, say, Sensible Soccer with a friend somewhat better than me, but still trading blows and taking wins off each other.

Or sitting down with a group of pals to play Bip, a ridiculously simple two-player indie game on the Amiga, laughing ourselves stupid by almost psychically predicting our opponents' moves in an aerial dogfight.

Or getting so rowdy over late-night four-way sessions of Goldeneye, we got complaints from the neighbours.

Or crowding around a Street Fighter II cabinet, waiting for my turn, and dreaming of the special moves I wanted to pull off.

I love single-player games, but can't just reel off those memorable experiences in the same way. Maybe the first encounter with Scarecrow in Arkham Asylum. That truly freaked me out.

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