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A thread I wanted create about Speedrunners because we don’t have one yet.
You can talk about all kinds of games you have speedrunned.
I personally speedrun Sonic Mania.

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Haven't tried any speedrunning myself (don't have that kind of time to dedicate to one game, unfortunately), but I do love watching AGDQ and SGDQ each year. I really enjoyed last year's Doom 2016 100% Nightmare run by ByteMe:


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I've done some speedrunning before. I've only done Splatoon 2 level speedruns. It's pretty fun, but if you actually want to get first place, you have to practice and watch videos on the game/level.



The last time cared enough to attempt such a thing was Shadow Complex. An "any %" run clocking in under two hours. I remember holding the top spot for quickest completion time on the leaderboards for a little while.

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I speed run a game or two, I did Ratchet and Clank (Reboot crap I know) In under a hour or two, not good but Hey, Maybe some crash levels.

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I really enjoyed watching Tone's Balones speedrun Splatoon 2 & Octo Expansion on Games Done Quick youtube channel.

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